Prfo. Dr. Imran Parvez

Prfo. Dr. Imran Parvez

Designation : Professor
Father Name : Late A. K. M. Ibrahim
Degree : PhD
Training : Several training in home and abroad
Email :
Blood Group : A+
Nationality : Bangladeshi
National ID : 5504254292
Phone : +8801914503031
Address : Paharpur, Dinajpur
Date of Birth : 1979-11-30
Joining Date : 2019-09-17
Join As : Director
Hobby : Sports

It’s my great privilege to welcome you to the newly developed online platform/website of Students Affairs and Advisory Division (SAAD). SAAD has the moral responsibility to create a compassionate environment for the students through planning and providing related services to improve student’s academic and personal welfare.

The office of the Director (SAAD), is committed to serve an environment for you to grow holistically. Our goal is to ensure eminence experience that will complement and enhance the education and training that you are expecting at HSTU. Thus, SAAD is devoted to being your partner in your quest to reach your academic and social goals.

At the Directorate SAAD, we remain committed to advocating and supporting your welfare issues while on campus throughout your study at HSTU and shall be available to provide assistance to you in dealing with the challenges you may face, in alleviating crisis, and in guiding you to become responsible citizens. In addition, we will support co-curricular experiences to enhance your growth and development while at HSTU and I encourage all students to identify and actively participate in such activities.

Lastly, as your advocate I am ready and available to consult with you on matters concerning your wellbeing. Besides, we are your most important contact point for any explanation on the University’s policies and procedures. Therefore, should you have any questions regarding our services; I encourage you to visit our office on 3rd Floor of Teacher-Student Centre. I look forward to working with you and to facilitate a rich university experience as you strive to achieve your goals.

Allah bless you,

Prof. Dr. Imran Parvez
Student Affairs and Advisory Division